How To Make Extra Money While at College?

You want to make some extra cash, ah. That’s perfect, you are definitely in the right place. Here at Student Gold Mine$, we have a saying, ‘A gold mind, is a priceless mine of ideas.’ It all starts with your attitude, opportunities are many.

You certainly never have to be that student, whose always in debt, always struggling to make ends meet, always late for registration. Today, you have this opportunity to learn some ways you can use your spare time more productively. Surely time is of essence to every student, thus, proper Time management skills will certainly save you many heartaches and stress.

There so many things people do to earn an extra buck, but some ain’t legal and some are just scams that don’t really pay off. Here are a few ways you can earn yourself some extra cash while pursuing your career studies.


Jobs On – Campus. Not a Fun of Traveling, are you?



A Tutor For Hire

The more you teach, the more you earn. Certainly you may have that one course or more, which you enjoy and are very good at. Offering tuition especially to Freshmen or Sophomores is a good way to go. And it pays pretty well too. Some may do $18 per hour, others even more or less, but that’s all up to you. With consistency, you’ll certainly be making some serious bucks and also get to improve your memory and skills.


Write resumes & Essays

This is certainly what every student should know how to do but it’s certainly not something you can’t do for others. Some students may come to you because you write excellent resumes and essays, while others may just not have the time and interest in doing that for themselves.

Why not take them up on the offer, and earn something reasonable in return. You make anywhere from $12-$20 per hour, depending on your agreement. However, this is not the same as writing an exam on behalf of another. That is no minor offence, truth be told. Your main goal isn’t making money but studying for your dream career. We certainly don’t want you losing your place or scholarship, do we? I hope not.


Sell the Old School Data. Even Giving Out Isn’t a Bad Idea

Especially after freshman year, you will probably not need any of the textbooks you used because you’re quartered or pursuing something entirely different.

Talking of myself, I did A-level studies in my freshman year but after that I had no use of my old textbooks, notes and other study resources. So, rather than keep piles and piles of unnecessary materials, I opted to give away to a freshman friend. Others, of course sell and make some money off it. which is fine also, it’s entirely up to you but I would recommend selling especially old textbooks to buy new ones that will be helpful.

Did you know that?

You can even sell your study notes online. Earn as much as $30-$50 on Oxbridgenotes.


An Assistant in Research

Research is also a very lucrative industry to consider. Of course the focus should be on producing results but why not earn some cash as you assist. You can certainly work within campus while assisting your lecturer in his research. Tasks may include collecting data and analyzing it, lab results sorting, and organizing records to literature and compiling library research. You may typically get anywhere from $13-$23 per hour and sometimes an annual pay of $30000 plus.


Join Campus Security

Maybe this may not be for everybody, but if your schedule allows, you could pull it off. Campus security guards make a decent amount of cash. If you certainly have the qualifications and no clash with your schedule then you could take up this opportunity. Average earnings may be around $15 per hour depending on the surrounding or school. There also outside campus options, like being a bouncer if that’s convenient for you.


Work for campus IT

Surely, almost every student owns some electronic gadget. In most cases, the laptop and phone are the most popular. But these gadgets do come with their issues, which may need technical attention from an expert. If you certainly know your way around them, why not work for campus IT or start your own computer repair business right there on-campus.

Due to the vast numbers of student inquiries, the campus IT do get overwhelmed. They could definitely take you up on that offer and if you’re lucky, you could be making around $15 per hour.

Which isn’t bad for starters, right?


Rent out your Apartment on Airbnb. Perhaps You don’t mind a ‘Squatter’

For those living off campus in an apartment of your own, then this may be a good way to earn some money. It may be 1 or 3 bedrooms to rent out, that’s entirely up to you. This way you can make some cash while away on vacation. If it’s convenient, try using Airbnb or any other site that’s related.

In some colleges and universities, hostels are few to accommodate every student, so some students get squatters. This may be illegal depending on the policies of the school. However, if not illegal, then it can be a good way to cut off the accommodation fee and save some extra monies.

Sounds great, right? But you will have to share your room or bed depending on your arrangement and agreement.



Work From Anywhere


Become a Freelancer

Got the skills. What’re you waiting for?

Online freelancing is one of the most lucrative ways to earn cash while in college and also build a resume on the job. Upwork is one great site for this. There certainly many others you may check out depending on your skill set and portfolio. Tasks may include: Website designing, Marketing Strategist, Social media Advisor and writer, among others.


Love kids. Try out Babysitting

Babysitting is certainly not for everyone, hey. But if you really love having kids around you a lot, then you might find it very easy and rewarding. It’s one of the part-time hustles that can make you some serious money while in college. People make anywhere between $17 – $20 per hour but depending on the family you may make so much more.

Finding the jobs may be sometimes difficult through community groups, so in that case you may opt to visit sites like among others. This is certainly a good way to replenish your wallet doing something you enjoy.


Selling on eBay

Have you heard of eBay?

Dumb question right, who hasn’t heard about eBay. One of the most popular selling and buying platform for all online shoppers. Why not make some money off those old clothes, gadgets, books you don’t use or need. On eBay you get to sell and earn some huge monies per month depending on the value and quantity of your items. And, the best part of it is that you get to do it from the comfort of your dorm room.


Selling my Plasma! Wow, Am Not that Desperate

It may sound desperate but for those who’re desperate or ‘daring’ it’s also a lucrative way to earn some extra money. According to Business insider, you can actually make around $50 per donation.

Check out for more details as to who is eligible to donate as well as locations to go if you want to donate. It’s indeed a great way to make an extra buck! But also help someone in need. Another emphasis here, unless you’re desperate or daring, otherwise I would recommend rather to donate without any price attached as life is indeed priceless. And money should never come before life.


Serving Tables at a Restaurant. A part-time Waiter

Serving tables is a norm for most students. Being able to balance between classes and the job is key, while you earn some extra monies.

Depending on where you live and the kind of restaurant, you can make anywhere around $5 per hour, plus tips that could range upwards to $16 per hour, according to Entrepreneur.

The tricky part is balancing between classes but if you have a flexible weekend schedule you can give it a shoot and earn some monies for yourself while at it.


Be a Virtue Assistant

If you need a remote job, this might be a great option. It entails task such as booking travel, administrative duties, and managing calender’s among others. Salary may be around $15.62 for Virtual assistants.


Become an Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate is simply someone who promotes the goods and services of other people and in return earns a commission for every sale or successful referral. It’s true, this is perhaps the most lucrative business a student may venture into but it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires proper training and the application of the right methods to be successful here.

The best trainer in the Affiliate Marketing industry, by far is Wealthy Affiliate.

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The Take away Message

There so many ways you can earn some extra money while in college, however, not all are for everyone. I recommend you choose something that won’t add to your stress, something that you can enjoy. This will help you blow off some steam, in hot times, while you even earn some bucks off it. Now to answer the question, ‘Is it possible to have a passive income while in college?‘ I would say, ‘Yes. It’s very much possible.’ Learn how to do Affiliate marketing, build your platform, grow your audience and the monies will flow while you sleep. Every business requires some effort, investment, patience and skills.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please leave any questions or comments you may have below. Would be very happy to help.





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